Dog Walkz offers a premium dog home boarding service.

Your dog will benefit from the following:

  • Daily walks

  • The comfort of sleeping in our house

  • A dog tag to wear whilst with us showing our contact details in case of loss

  • Warmth and security

  • Enclosed garden

  • All the cuddles they need

We would need the following from you:

  • Enough food for the duration of the stay of your dog

  • A cage or crate (if they are accustomed to staying in one)

  • Toys and treats

  • Vet details in case of emergency

  • Vet's vaccination card along with proof of flea treatment and worming (Please have a look at the VACCINATIONS tab for more details)

  • Microchip number

If your dog should become ill during their stay with us, then it may be necessary for us to take your dog to a vet. If you can inform your own vet that your dog would be staying with us and that we are able to take them to our own vet (Ashlands, Glusburn) this would be most helpful.

Your dog is as important to us as our own and we would ensure that they would be comfortable with our Maggie and that Maggie would be comfortable with them. Therefore, we would invite you to our home with your dog to meet us and Maggie to see where your dog would be staying. We want your dog's stay with us to be happy and pleasurable.

We have obtained a license from Bradford Council to legally board dogs in our home.

License number 245097/471371.

Rate: we offer all of the above for £25.00 per day.

Please note that our out of hours charge does not apply to home boarding.

Also note that as a dog walker, I will be out of the house for some of the time during dog's stay with us on weekdays.

IMPORTANT - Drop off / Collection no earlier than 8am



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